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M &S Mobile Homes Sells & Services

 If there is damage to your Mobile Home because of age or caused by a previous move, and we were not involved, we do not repair it. We inspect all Mobile Homes for damage before we move them.

                                       Single-wide  Breakdowns  

                                 Remove Skirting                                        

                                 Put On Axles and Tires ( if needed )
                                 Bolt On Hitch ( if needed )                                 

                                 Disconnect Water, Sewer, Electric and gas
                                          Unblock Home and Deliver Blocks and Skirting To                                                    New Location

We Do Not Tear down, Set-up, or Haul, Room  additions, Big Porches, Decks, Steps, Awnings, Landscape Timbers, Or Sheds. We will take down Awnings if contracted for it but we don't put them back up.

We Do Not Disconnect Split Unit A/C's. They Should Be Pumped Down By Someone In The Heating and Cooling Business.

                                                 Single-wide Set-Ups

                        Block, Level, and Tie-Down
                        Hook Up Water and Sewer
                        Install Heat Tape and Wrap

We Do Not Reconnect The A/C, Electric, Tie Down Steps, Or Reinstall Old Or Used Skirting
If extra blocks and or water pressure regulator is needed for set-up, Homeowner will provide them.