Re-leveling – Many people don’t understand what Re-leveling is or the importance of it. Mobile homes and Manufactured Homes are all set up basically the same. The home is built on a steel frame. The axils and wheels that are used to transport the home are connected to the bottom of this frame. Once the home is set where it is to be placed, the home is leveled out with hydraulic jacks, then concrete blocks or steel piers are placed under the steel frame to keep it secure. The wheels are usually removed. The concrete blocks or steel piers sit on the dirt. In the Southwest United States there is no concrete slab that the home sits on. The manufactures don’t require it. Because the home is sitting on earth, and because of it’s weight, it will settle. If a home is ground set (or at ground level with no skirting) or it has skirting, they are all set up, under the home, the exact same. All Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes need to be Re-leveled. If a home is out of level, it can be lifted with the same kind of hydraulic jack system that was used to set it up. To maintain the level, we recommend the home have the supports or piers tightened or adjusted every 3-5 years. Most manufacturers recommend more often then this.

Some signs are obvious the home is out of level. The doors don’t latch or they rub, the skirting is buckling or bent, there are cracks in the walls or ceiling, or you feel like you are walking downhill to name just a few. It is best to maintain the level of your home then wait for these things to happen. Lifting a Mobile Home or Manufactured Home with a hydraulic jack that weighs 15,000 – 40,000 lbs is much more expensive then going under the home every 3-5 years and maintaining the level by tightening all the supports. There is also the cost to repair these problems. Superior Mobile Home Service, LLC are experts in this area. We Re-level between 500-800 homes each year. This is not a weekend job for the guys in the park. Call an expert.

Duct Cleaning – What's in your Air Ducts?? We see it all!!! Dust, Lint, Rodent feces, Roaches, Nests, Insect remains, Spider webs among other things. A majority of Mobile homes / Manufactured homes have cuts and holes in the underside vapor barrier, insulation, and air-duct system from repairs, plumbing issues, animals, the original set-up, and poor design. This allows EASY ACCESS for PESTS and UNHEALTHY AIR to be DRAWN into the duct system. With a purchase of our duct cleaning service, we will also go under your home to check and report to condition of your ducts, insulation, vapor barrier, and look for holes, critters and leaks. We recommend this service every 5 years. DON'T WAIT! CALL TODAY!
Air Duct Sealing and Repair – Ducts carry the air from the air conditioner or heater to each area of the home. The average home loses 20%-40% of the air that moves through the duct system because of leaks in the ducts, improper installation or damage to the ducts by animals and service technicians . This is "Lost Money" out the ducts! Air duct sealing can reduce a large percentage of this loss. The mobile home/manufactured home duct system is unique and unfortunately, prone to many issues. To seal the average single-wide unit is typically $325 and a double unit is $425. Other companies often charge more then that just for an "Energy Audit", to tell you the ducts need to be sealed. Sealed ducts = Saved MONEY!

Tie-Downs – Mobile homes and Manufactured homes are susceptible to moving and shifting in high winds.

Tie-downs are an important and necessary component of a Mobile home / Manufactured homes foundation. Most new installations of Mobile homes / Manufactured homes are required to have Tie-downs installed under the house when it is being set-up. Call for a FREE Tie-down inspection to see if your home has Tie-downs.

Call an expert. We give free estimates and will give you an honest evaluation of what is happening with your home and what needs to be done to correct it

Skirting on your mobile home makes it look better.  Covering the layer from the bottom of your manufactured housing to the ground gives it a more stable appearance, prevents animals from seeking shelter under your home, hide the structural elements and grading materials under your home. It can also prevent heat and air conditioning from escaping, which can save you money in monthly bills.

Additionally, it protects the underside of your home from severe weather, animal and insect invasions, and can even help your home appraise higher, as well as, depending on current underwriting guidelines, be eligible for mortgage financing during resale or refinance.

Buying mobile home skirting can be a bit confusing, however, we are here to help you make the best decision for your budget and family.

We install landscape timber on skirting to keep it for being damaged with today’s landscaping tools such as weed-eaters.

Give us a call to discuss your options and schedule a time to get an estimate.

Roof Coating – Mobile Homes are built with two types of roofs, Metal or Shingle. Metal roofs need to be protected with an elastomeric roof coating. This coating, which is usually white, can indefinitely extend the life of the roof. It will also reduce the interior temperature by several degrees in the summer months. Roof re-coating should be done every 3-5 years. If the roof is not maintained, the coating will start to peel and blister up. It is time consuming to scrape off old, peeling roof coating, which will increase the cost of the re-coating. These pieces of old peeled coating can also trap moisture under the coating which causes the metal to rust. Maintenance is always less expensive then repair. Call for a free estimate and evaluation. The price will vary depending on the size and condition of the roof. Mobile Homes that have Urethane Foam roofs also need to be re-coated and protected every 3-5 years.

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